Matthew & Leigh

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't you two already get married?

We did! We had our courthouse ceremony in February, after Leigh's employer changed its health insurance plans for the worst. However, we already had plans made for our October wedding (and two girls who are very excited about it), so we're going ahead with the celebration and hope you can join us.

Do you have a registry?

We aren't registered anywhere, because we both already had full complements of household goods (although if you want to help us buy a new living room floor, we won't say no). Your presence at our wedding is really all the gift we need.

August 31st is not very far away from when I received my invitation. What if I need more time to RSVP?

As long as we get responses by mid-September, it will be okay. We meant to have our invitations sent out a month earlier than we did; Leigh's hip surgery disrupted things a little more than we expected.